Decoration and Color Matching
Stak Plast Ltd. believes that excellent decoration is critical in defining the success of your product. Stak Plast Ltd. high quality production process extends to its in-house printing facility.                       

Silk Screen Printing- is a printing technique that uses a woven mesh to support an ink-blocking stencil. Printing is available on round, packages with multi pass printing of several colors. Silk Screen Printing offers bright and firm colors and can match all pantones.

Hot Stamping- is a method in which a heated foil is used to apply graphics to a surface. Hot Stamping is available on caps, closure perimeter and logo on caps.

Tampon Printing- Tampon printing is like a "stamping" process whereby the ink is taken from an etched metal plate onto a flexible pad - the tampon - and "stamped" onto the article to be printed. The technique is a good alternative if the surface of the product to be printed, does not allow silk-screen printing. Printing is available on oval and flat packages with multi pass printing of 2-3 colors. 

Stak Plast Ltd. can match and replicate a desired color for customers from a number of sources; 

1.Pantone reference number.

2. Copying an actual object. Stak Plast believes that color matching enables its customers to create a lasting and consistent brand identity in their chosen market sector. 

Color Matching is available for all items; Jars & Caps, Bottle, Tubes and Closures.

About Us
Stak Plast Ltd. Manufacturers of plastic packaging solutions. Offering a wide range of standard products: Jars, Caps, Bottles, Closures and Tubes with endless options of Mix and Match combinations and colors.